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Top 15 Easy Ways to Love Your Spine!

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Top 15 Easy Ways to Love Your Spine!


Here’s this week’s blog, a video about 15 down and dirty, quick, and easy ways to love your spine. Enjoy these exercises a la carte, or do the whole platter all at once. It’s up to you!

Take your time. I had to rush a bit to fit them all in the youtube time limit. That’s better for you though – limited yapping and lots of getting right to it!


To your Blessed Wellness



1 thought on “Top 15 Easy Ways to Love Your Spine!”

  1. Sorry about the mess up for a couple of minutes towards the beginning of the video. I'm having a hard time uploading such a big file to youtube. Our internet service in this town is kind of crappy. I'll get it fixed soon!

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