Aquarius Full Moon Live Sound Healing

I was honored to collaborate with my friend Meredith Nile, a gifted Chinese Medicine Practitioner & intuitive healer. She offered a lovely full moon fire ceremony, and I offered an activation breathwork session and sound healing for our group. It was a beautiful night, surrounded by loud cricket, cicada, and frog symphonies during the fire …

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The Privilege, Passion, Pain & Power of the Sexy Sensual Woman.

I’ve been doing my best to educate myself on the various privileges I hold. So far I’ve come up with white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, tall, and… Pretty Privilege. That’s right. I’ve been looking into what it means to have doors open for me throughout my life because of my looks. It’s hard to examine these things. …

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Heart Center Sound Healing w Tom & Ahmed

Live sound healing journey with myself, Tom Bright and Ahmed Meselhy Ragab. Shaman’s drum, tuning forks, native american flutes, steel drum, gong bath, didgeridoo, and electronic etheric live looping singing and keyboards. The sound quality is not perfect as it was recorded on my iPhone. Expect some fluctuations in volume also.

Song of the Sea Looping

Live looping song after Ecstatic Dance on 3/27/18. A musing play off the song from the movie Song of the Sea. I threw in some kundalini mantras and English translations. Using the voicelive touch 2, a really old funky Roland Sound Canvas keyboard and the Novation MiniNova keyboard layered with my voice.

Feeling God

Having the feelz, working it out on the harmonium and voice. Stretching my limits vocally. Not perfect. Raw & beautiful. Capturing the moments of beauty and allowing for the rough spots, then loosening the grip of fear & working through them… I guess like life. 😉 Live, raw recording on my phonein Grass Valley. Reverb added …

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Melancholic Musings w VoiceLive Touch 2 and Mininova

Here I’m learning how to use the midi notes function of my new TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 2. I’m controlling the harmony choir notes that are being sung by the device on top of my voice. The Novation Mininova synth is what I’m using for the nice warm pad chord sounds. Those chords I’m playing …

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