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About Jaya

Hi! Thanks for coming to visit!

Welcome to my personal, unadulterated, free expression site! Here you get me real and raw. Whatever is coming through that I think could be of service, I will share. Prose, poetry, music. tarot.

We’re all connected. I am another you. If there’s something that I’m learning in my life, there must be at least 100 other monkeys learning the same lesson and thousands more who might benefit from my sharing.

So welcome to this sacred space. I hope you will find my musings beneficial.

My Story

I come from Houston, TX, with simple roots steeped with lots of love and honestly, quite a bit of struggle. The struggle continued with trauma in my early adult life in the form of a life-changing awakening from being raped by a serial rapist.

That sent me on a huge journey of self discovery. I left my meaningless telemarketing job and weekend partying lifestyle, sold much of my belongings, bought a $500 dollar VW bug and started working at a coffee shop. I studied everything esoteric I could get my hands on.

Fast forward 20 years and I’ve trained in various healing arts as well as playing music for healing, writing poetry, & dancing with community. Now I am also raising a boy into a conscious man with the help of my co-parent.

Beyond that I try my best to continue on a path of healing, growth and self awareness. I take growth courses and have been in therapy learning lots as well as celebrating and laughing in this game called life.


Certified Phoenix Fastician with Dr. David Jubb

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Certified Hypnotherapist from the Hypnotherapy Center in Oakland

Sound healing trainings with John Beaulieu

Certified Reiki Master

My Other Business:

Creative Biz Wiz ~ design, web design & online marketing

Thanks for reading. Bless you! Jaya

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