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The Big Stinky Secret the Health Gurus Won’t Tell You!

It seems today there are a million “fad” cleanses on the market in the health arena. Some gurus tell you to eat raw food and that will clean your body. Some will say that fasting on juice, water, or maple syrup lemonade will clean you out. Some are all about killing candida fungus by omitting any kind of sugar or anything that will feed candida. Some gurus tell you that the key to health is a clean colon and that’s the most important cleanse to do. Some say it’s all about the parasites and we need to kill them and “zap” them with electric devices and then we will be clean.

How on earth to make sense of all this conflicting information?

First of all, Please don’t look at yourself as dirty. You are a divine child made up of the same god essence as everybody and everything else on this planet. We are all suffering in some form or other because of our imbalanced way of living on the planet. BUT, THAT DOESN’T MAKE US UNCLEAN. This reminds me of Gandhi needing to reprogram the “lower class” of “untouchables” to help them realize that they were just as divine and pure as the high “Brahmin” class. It’s all in our programming. So that being said, our lifestyles, out of balance with nature, do produce stress and accumulation of toxins in our body temples. This living out of balance creates lots of trash in the body. The liver is the sewage treatment facility of your body, and the gallbladder is the trash can. If you want to process the trash, you need to clean your liver and gallbladder. None of the gurus tell you about this because it’s hard to capitalize on liver/GB cleansing and most people don’t have the guts, pun intended, to clean their liver and gallbladder. Here’s a little background info on Bile Occlusion, the root of most disease:


  • BLOOD: Your liver is responsible for processing and filtering your blood and most everything you put into your body. Blood is your life water. It transports nutrients into your cells and exports wastes.
  • BILE: The liver also makes bile, a crucial substance for your health. Bile is responsible for digesting fats, which are vital to many body functions. It also balances your ph. Bile is stored in the gallbladder. Bile is also used to cover and form toxins into neat little packages to be stored in the gallbladder. Bile is stored in the gallbladder as well.

The liver as a sponge analogy:

To get a sense of the state of most people’s livers in industrialized societies, let’s look at an analogy. Imagine a kitchen sponge. How well would the sponge work if it was sopping wet and full of dirt, hardened wax, and grit? Our livers work like sponges and most of them are pretty dirty. When we flush our liver it’s a squeezing and clearing out of the debris in the sponge. Since we can’t run to the grocery store and buy a new liver like we can a sponge, it’s a good idea to maintain health in the one liver we were gifted with!


Let’s look at the plumbing in the liver and gall bladder area. In this picture, you can see in green, that stones, grit and dirt form in the liver, travel to the gall bladder to be stored and can also go down into the ducts.

  1. When you eat food, the mastication, or chewing, starts breaking down the food and mixing it with saliva. Saliva has parotid hormone, which begins important enzymatic actions that help prepare the nutrients and medicines of our food to be delivered into our system.
  2. After the mouth, the food goes to the stomach where it is churned by your stomach muscles and broken down into a liquid state by stomach acids such as Hydrochloric Acid. This liquid food is called chyme. This changes the ph of the chyme, to a very acid state.
  3. Then the stomach dumps about a teaspoon at a time into the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine.
  4. In this highly acidic state, the gall bladder squirts bile onto the chyme. The bile, being made of alkaline mineral salts and cholesterol acts to raise the ph of the chyme to neutralize it before it travels the length of the intestines. The bile also emulsifies fats and oils in our food, dispersing their molecules so they can be utilized by the body.
  5. The pancreas squirts enzymes on the chyme as well at this time to further break it down into usable chunks for our cells and help process sugars.
  6. Then the food passes through the small intestine where much of the usable elements are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Other useable elements, such as minerals wait and go into the bloodstream through the colon walls.


When bile is occluded, or blocked, by grit and stones, it can’t do its crucial jobs. The result is poor fat digestion and highly acidic fermentative states in the intestines. This results in extra mucus being formed to try to protect the walls of the intestines from ulcers. This mucus is the breeding ground for mold, fungus, yeast (like candida), and parasites!

Also when bile is occluded, it sometimes squirts out of turn and can go up into the pancreas area. As you can see in the picture, the gallbladder and pancreas share the same duct that goes into the small intestine, called the Sphincter of Oddi. When the bile gets up into the pancreas area, it can cause problems with blood sugar regulation such as hypo and hyperglycemia, as well as diabetes. Most all dis-ease can be traced to the digestive system not functioning properly, and usually, the root of this is bile occlusion.


The Blessed Wellness Cleanse Wise Liver Flush is a system of upstream cleansing. Imagine a big beautiful mountain with a life-giving spring flowing down the mountain. There are little villages all along the spring at various elevations on the mountain. How would life be for the village at the bottom of the spring if the village at the top were polluting the spring? They would be constantly cleaning their spring and never getting anywhere. This is what happens when someone focuses on colon cleansing before liver cleansing. The liver is at the top of the stream, which is the digestive tract. Although colon cleansing can provide some relief of symptoms, it is not a true healing therapeutic. You must clean the liver in order to provide lasting healing change. If the bile is occluded, then mucous will continue to be layered on in order to protect the intestines from the acidic food chyme that was not neutralized by the bile.

Clean your liver and clean your life! This is the key to healing. It is not an overnight band-aid approach. Have faith, patience, and perseverance and you can see lasting results!

For best results, liver flushing should be one powerful element of your health strategy. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, stress management, clean water, natural unprocessed food, and time in nature are other important elements.

Are you ready to do this? Is it time to get to the bottom of your health issues? Contact me for a free consultation to see if the Cleanse Wise Liver Flush program is right for you. Find out why our program is the safest and most effective way. I’ve done 12 liver flushes and studied extensively with Dr. David Jubb, the foremost expert on liver flushing. Clearing out all that old mess out of your liver and gall bladder is no joke. Do it right and protect your body from unhealthy and uncomfortable reactions that can come from casual approaches that can be found online and in some books.

Take action now! Please comment below any insights you learned about your amazing body!

As always, if you have found this to be helpful. Please share with your friends and family.

To your Blessed Wellness!

PS. If you’re wondering about the claim that the stones passed are just saponified olive oil, please read this:

10 thoughts on “The Big Stinky Secret the Health Gurus Won’t Tell You!”

    1. Ahh, wow, Lauren. I don't have much experience with that. I would say, from what I know about the liver and gall bladder, that you would greatly benefit from regular liver flushing. Your body is still making toxins to be sorted and stored in the liver as gall stones. Yes, gall stones can live in the liver, not just the gall bladder. I would think it would be extra important since you don't have a gall bladder to put it all in. It would make sense that you have excess bile because there's no holding tank for the bile. I wonder if coffee enemas would help. The research I have done says that coffee enemas help bile to NOT be recycled, therefore you would be using more of it. How's your digestion? Do you digest fats properly? Love, Jaya

  1. William Barber

    Hi Jaya, I have done this once before and recall the green balls coming out to be suspiciously the same green as the olive oil. Researching, I found that many claimed that they indeed were saponified olive oil and that the gallbladder cannot pass very large stones and some of the stones people show are way too large. I am sure you have researched this. What is your opinion?

    1. William, thanks for posting! Yes, many believe this to be a “quack” cleanse. Here you can read Andreas Moritz’s thorough answer. He’s done the research.

      I can attest to the results of this cleanse. My health has gotten better and better each one I do. One thing to consider is it’s not overnight results. Most people have to do many cleanses. It takes years and years to pollute our bodies, so it takes some time to get the pollution out.

      I have had profound experiences while cleansing where I experience vivid memories of childhood or adolescence as the stones are passing through my system. This proves to me that they are stones from the time period of the memory. (and proves the incredible mystery of body/mind connection!)

  2. I also don't have a gallbladder and have done several liver flushes with great success. I also do organic green cofee bean/organic chaga enema's… this works the best for me and I do this cleanse once or twice a year.

    1. Jaya Love Phillips

      Thanks so much Crystal. I didn’t realize you don’t have a Gall Bladder. Would it be ok to talk with you more about this? Thanks dear!

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