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Quick and Easy Heart-Calming Technique

Hello Dear!

Here’s this handy meditation to help create peace and calm in your heart. It can be done in as little as 3 minutes! It comes from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

To prepare:

Sit in easy pose, or indian style, with spine straight, sit bones in your bottom connecting with the ground, and your chin pulled slightly back towards your spine (this helps open the energy pathway along your spine.)

Tune into your higher self and your guides by chanting three times with hands in prayer pose: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.”

To begin:

calm heart med

  1. Place your left hand over your heart.
  2. Place your right hand in Gyan Mudra, the mudra of wisdom. Do this by putting your thumb and forefinger together like the “ok” sign.
  3. Hold your right arm with bent elbow downward at your side and hand up next to your shoulder. This will place the palm facing outward, with the gyan mudra. Keep the arm and shoulder relaxed, anchoring it into a comfortable position.
  4. Either close your eyes totally, or keep them mostly closed with just a slit open, about 1/10th open and look forward through your closed eyes.
  5. Keep the arms and mudras and eyes in position throughout the next steps.
  6. Inhale – nice, long & slow.
  7. Suspend the breath at the top of the inhale as long as you can, still being comfortable. (no straining or gasping)
  8. Exhale – nice, long and slow.
  9. Suspend the breath after all your air is out as long as you can, still being comfortable. (no straining or gasping)
  10. Continue this breathing pattern for 3-31 minutes.
  11. To end: inhale and exhale strongly and slowly (no holding the breath) 3 times.
  12. Relax

This meditation will help you clear any emotional grievances with others. When you are tempted to act out of your heart center, do this meditation first, for 3 minutes. It’s a great meditation for beginner meditators. The heart is your center of life force and your magnetic center. Doing this meditation will help you magnetize your intentions into manifestation. The suspension of the breath at the top renews your whole being and gives you a natural high. The suspension of breath at the bottom, helps you come to terms with loss and the ending of things. It brings peace in “what is.” This meditation is great physically for your heart and lungs, as well! Once you are proficient at 3 minutes, you can advance to an 11 minute version where you do the meditation for 3 minutes on, 1 minute relax, 3 minutes on, 1 minute relax, and 3 minutes on. When you are ready to commit to peace and calm in your life, practice this meditation every day for 40 days.

Enjoy your renewed peace, relaxation, and calm heart. May your relationships serve you and all whom you touch in our world. Take action now. Do this meditation right now, for just 3 minutes. I know it’s a lot to ask, but you can spare 3 minutes for your sanity! 😉 Then please post below, in the comments section, how you feel afterwards.

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For a video of the Calm Heart meditation, check out this nice yogini, demonstrating it here.

For a downloadable .pdf of this meditation, click here.

To your Blessed Wellness!






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