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6 Quick Steps to Clear Your Limiting Beliefs!

Are you finally ready to move out your old limiting beliefs? Are you ready to make room for positive thoughts and intentions in your psyche?

There are 6 easy steps. (Best if done repeatedly and persistently.)

Let’s talk about tapping. Our bodies are made up of vibrations and energy. Quantum physics and modern medicine are discovering this more and more every day. We have channels, like waterways, in our bodies that transmit energy. These are called meridians in Chinese Medicine and Nadis in Ayurveda. Most ancient healing practices have a name for these energy pathways and have practices to create health by removing blockages to the flow inside the channels.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” is a practice that is super easy, and you can do it on yourself. It combines well with other modalities as well. Tapping works by introducing a vibration, your tapping on yourself, that “rattles” the blockages free from your energy system. These blockages then dissipate into nothing, or into the big vat of cosmic energy if you prefer, and go into the earth. We are the only ones attached to our own “stuff,” so don’t worry about pawning off your crud onto someone else. It’s neutral once it leaves you. Nobody else can take it unless they believe in it, and the Earth is grateful for the energy recycling.

Tapping is an amazing way to deal with anxiety, self-criticism, negative thought patterns, pain, and more. You can even place positive energy in the freed up space you have created.

So here’s how to do it!

1. Take inventory of your current state. Are you anxious? Mad? Spewing out self-sabatoging thoughts? In pain? Rate your discomfort, whatever it may be, on a scale of 0-10, 0 being least discomfort, 10 worst.

2. Do the set-up tapping. Find the Karate Chop (KC) point on the side of your hand, shown in the diagram. Say to yourself out loud if possible, but silent works too if you are somewhere you can’t talk aloud: “Even though I ________ (let’s say, ‘feel anxious and want to hide out in my room.’ I completely love and accept myself.” As you say this continually tap with your opposite hand on the KC point on the other hand, ie: right hand fingers tap left KC. Say it three times while tapping continually.

3. Tap the rest of the points continually, while saying the following one time on each point:

“This _____.” (ex: “This anxiety.”) Work your way down the whole body. You can tap on one side at a time or on both at once, however you like. The tapping should be light, but firm enough to make a solid connection, somewhat like typing on your computer keyboard. Do what feels good. If you wish, visualize/hear/feel the blockages exploding, dissolving, etc.

4. Take inventory again. Where are you now on the scale of 0-10? Repeat steps 1-4. Alternate sides of the body if you are doing one side at a time, until you have reached a satisfactory place for now, and are feeling relief. Some people aim for a little relief, some people go for the big 0!

5. Now, decide what you’d love to replace into that cleared up space. In the anxiety example, let’s say, serenity. Now do the set-up from step 2, but this time say a positive affirmation, such as “I’m so grateful for this serenity. Or “I completely love and accept myself.”

6. Tap the rest of the points shortening the affirmation, ex: “this serenity” or “love and accept myself.” Do this tapping as many times as you like and use your imagination. Experience it in your minds eye/ear/body feeling as being so. Let it build some excitement in you!”

Enjoy this wonderful feeling! To spice it up, try adding a soundtrack for your tapping! For even more potent results, combine Tapping with Mirror Work, described in last week’s blog post. Get really real with yourself!

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Take action now! Please post below in the comments section a positive affirmation you are going to tap into your freed up energy meridians. As always, please share this post with others on your social networks and in email if it has been helpful to you.

To your Blessed Wellness,

Coming up on the Blog… Next week we will calm our hearts with an amazing meditation and in March and April look for lots of great cleansing tips!

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