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Koru’s Joyful Morning Exercise Routine

Today we have a very special treat for you! My son, Koru is going to be our guest video blogger! He is presenting his joyful morning exercise routine to lift your spirits, loosen up your body, and set you for a wonderful day full of fun!

I’m typing for him since he can’t read or write yet…

Hi, my name is Koru. I’m a super cool 19-month-old dude. My mama is always in awe of me discovering my body and my authentic movement. She tells me she learns lots from watching me. The other day she was so into my morning exercise movements, she decided to make a video and show you guys what’s up! So here we go, yo yo yo! Check it out!

Hey, just so you know… My mama works really hard on creating awesome free content to share with you! So if you like it, share it with your buddies on the internet. Also, she has a way you can be sure to get all the goodies every week. She says it’s a sign-up form on the right part of her website. If you put your name and email in there, you will get a free prize and get her goodies every week!

Please put something funny in the comments below to let me know if you liked my morning routine. It’s my first Blessed Wellness guest video blog so I can use all the encouragement!

Oh yeah, and if you live in Nevada City, CA. Mama is now doing healing sessions with cool toys like a gong, didgeridoo, tuning forks, and more in a rad spot downtown. You can contact her through her website contact page.

Thanks for watching me do my thing!


Koru (and Mama Jaya)

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