Are You Doing THIS to Integrate and Benefit from Your Exercise or Yoga?

Are You Doing THIS to Integrate and Benefit from Your Exercise or Yoga?

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Did you know you might be missing lots of the benefits of your exercise and/or yoga if you don’t do this? Please take a moment for yourself and learn about this crucial step in any workout routine!

It’s called Savasana, (Sha’vah’sah’na) or Corpse Pose.

Basically it’s a deep relaxation done at the end of exercise. When your body has been working hard physically, it’s crucial to rest afterwards. This gives the body a chance to circulate all the energy throughout itself and to integrate the muscular learning. Also, it’s important because your body does all of it’s healing and cell regeneration in rest. So why do all that activity but not the integration and healing? You will loose much of the potential benefit and can even wear out your adrenals and more!

How to do Savasana correctly and for maximum results:

You may want to put on some soothing music.

  1. After you are done exercising, take a light blanket and tuck it under your feet. Then pull it over the rest of your body up to your shoulders.
  2. Lie down on your yoga mat or other comfortable, but firm surface.
  3. Keep your neck straight so your face is facing directly above you. An eye pillow or dim lights is nice.
  4. Relax your arms out to your sides, palms up.
  5. Breathe deeply and slowly from your belly. Allow your whole trunk to expand and release with each inhalation and exhalation.
  6. Progressively check in with each body part, easiest is feet first all the way up to your head. If there is any tension, relax it. Once you’re good at this step, you may be able to just let go of all tension all at once. You can time each release with your exhale.
  7. As in meditation, allow thoughts to pass on through without engaging with them.
  8. Lie completely still, let go, and relax for at least 3 minutes. 5 or more is better. Falling asleep is ok, too.
  9. When done, take a deep breath and wiggle your fingers and toes, rotate your feet and hands to get some energy moving in you.
  10. Do some cat stretches by pulling one knee over your body at a time.
  11. Pull your knees to your chest and rock back and forth on your back like a little child. (Great for your inner child!)
  12. Give thanks to yourself and any spiritual guides/God.
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That’s it, you’re done!


Having a blanket helps contain your energy nicely to provide a good safe container to fully let go. Many yoga teachers consider savasana to be the hardest pose simply because of our incessant thinking. It’s ok though, just let the thoughts flow out and don’t attach anything to them. This way they will leave and you won’t have to keep making new ones because you haven’t given the thought stream any energy. You can do corpse pose anytime you need a replenishing. It can be great after heavy meals or during stressful times.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit. If you liked it, please share with friends and family.

Please report back in the comments anything new you learned about relaxation and any results you are getting after trying it out!

To your Blessed Wellness…



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