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Recording for Sedona, the Movie!

Wow! What an amazing time I have had recording for Sedona, the Movie! Thanks deeply to Ebony Tay, the composer and producer who believed in my talent and wanted to incorporate healing sounds into her soundtrack.

We went out into the red rocks, with the help of our “Spirit Guide”, Mark of Mystical Tours of Sedona. He scouted the location and was holding ceremony for us while we recorded. The location he found was a sweet little cavern carved by the pioneer settlers of Sedona to cool their roots, aka a “root cellar.” It was about the size of a big bathroom and had the most amazing acoustics! We recorded didgeridoo, shaman’s drum, and singing bowls there. Wow, the didg and drum filled the space like thunder and lightening!ed in my talent and wanted to incorporate healing sounds into her soundtrack.

The next session, we recorded in Studio Live to get some of the harder to capture instruments, the gong, tuning forks, harmonium, and big crystal singing bowls. This was super fun also and we got some great photos, like the one to the left, from PJ Sykes, more soon to come. Later I watched Ebony shine so bright as she conducted an awesome multicultural choir with lots of Sedona friends chanting Native American chants.

The next possible session will be in January, where she would capture my voice.

I’m having such a great time, and am so grateful! What an amazing process it is to score a movie! Ebony is going for gold with her creativity and commitment to the true spirit of Sedona. Here’s an article about her process with Francis Fischer, the star of the movie beating my drum.

Thanks Ebony!



  1. The tuning forks and big crystal singing bowls sounded amazing! Photos coming soon…

    • Thanks PJ! Your pics are awesome, I can’t wait to see the Sedona Movie recording pics once you and the movie peeps are ready to release them. Thanks so much for coming. I hope your visit to Sedona was fun even though the weather didn’t cooperate with us for amazing outdoor shots.


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