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Cleansing my Liver Without Drugs or Surgery!


Non-Surgical Liver Healing!Have you heard about liver flushing? Ever considered doing it? Feeling lost with all the conflicting information on the internet and elsewhere? Need a guide to support you who knows from experience as well as education? Would you love to do this cleanse in the most safe, gentle, & powerful way with the highest nutrition the whole time? Well, read on, and contact me. I can help!

It’s that time again. I’m taking myself under the non-surgical knife again, or more like the non-surgical cup! What a wonderful relationship I am deepening with my own body. Every time I do this liver flush process it is such a journey! This time, I am flushing with my friend Illup, of Kejiwa Kombucha and Clothing Designs. It’s his first time and he’s so willing and excited. What a wonderful friend to share this incredible process with. I am honored to share my knowledge.

We are doing the 14 day Cleanse Wise liver flush, first taught to me by my esteemed teacher, David Jubb, PhD. I flew back and forth from California to New York City to study with him in his Phoenix Fastician Program. It was such a deep learning that I’m still integrating it. This flush gives me an opportunity to brush up on my knowledge before offering it to the public once again this September. After these 2 weeks, I will have done 12 liver flushes and plan to do at least 15 more. Then I’ll be on a more maintenance program, just a couple times a year.

This cleanse was just amazing this time. I got out large weird old calcified stones and had emotional and self-love epiphanies. Ask me how!

Love you,


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