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The Vitamin That Cleanses & Gives You a Red Hot Natural High!

This picture was taken during a liver flush week on a prep day when I took niacin. Whoo hoo! You can have a fun natural high and cleanse your capillaries and fat cells!

Niacin or vitamin B3 is a wonderful tool to get your blood moving. It is a vasodilator, meaning it dilates the capillaries. Capillaries are so tiny, they usually only move red blood cells in a single file! Taking niacin doubles or triples their capacity. Niacin is also a precursor to NADH, which is involved in the transfer of energy through electrons, managing our energy levels. What does this mean for you? It means increased detoxification, better cholesterol management by the liver, and a fun natural high.

Because of the extra blood near the skin during a Niacin flush, you will turn red, especially near the face and neck. Also, you may feel prickly heat, like when you have a slight sunburn. Having all that extra blood flow for me, makes me feel bright, alive, and excited. It’s a natural buzz that heals.

When cleansing, and especially during a liver cleanse, we can use all the help we can get to keep blood flowing as toxins are released!

Another benefit of niacin flushing is the release of fat-stored toxins. Niacin goes explodes the fat cells and causes them to dump their toxins, such as drugs, chemicals, and heavy metals that your body hasn’t been able to purge in the past. Our fat cells have about 100 times the toxins as our blood! (from Dr. Mercola)

It’s very important to make sure you are sending the toxins out so they don’t re-circulate through your body. It would be wise to take an herbal laxative or some oxygenated magnesium such as an Oxy-Mag supplement. AND/OR, do a coffee enema, as described in last week’s blog post that can be found here.

Other helpful practices to add to your niacin flush therapy are aerobic exercise and an infrared sauna or a hot bath. Do about 20 minutes of exercise after taking the niacin and then get into an infrared sauna for 40 minutes (doesn’t need to be super hot.) If you don’t have an infrared sauna, a hot bath can help too but isn’t as powerful as an infrared sauna. You may need to refill the water to keep it hot for longer.

An adult dose would start at about 50mg of Niacin then as you do more and more flushes, build up to about 500mg gradually. Some people may not experience a flush from 50mg. Some people, especially smaller people and those with less cleansing experience will definitely feel a flush with 50mg. Some doctors prescribe 500mg up to 1000 or more, but this should only be done under a doctor’s supervision.

*VERY IMPORTANT* PLEASE PURCHASE THE FLUSHING KIND OF NIACIN, not the non-flush or sustained release. Those are different molecules that don’t give the same benefits and can, in fact, damage the liver at frequent high doses. Just read the bottle. The kind you want WON’T say “non-flushing” or “sustained release” and will probably have a warning somewhere that it may create a flushing reaction.

Enjoy your red-hot natural high!

Take action now! Please report below your stories on how niacin flushing goes for you and any AHAs or questions you had while reading this.

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To your Blessed Wellness,



17 thoughts on “The Vitamin That Cleanses & Gives You a Red Hot Natural High!”

  1. I'm surprised 50 mg would make for a feeling a of flush. Some doctors prescribe Niacin for Cholesterol reduction and they start at 500mg to 1000mg and sometimes move higher. If you take it regularly, the sensation of flushing diminishes pretty quickly.

    1. Thanks Karl Baba! Have you been taking niacin regularly? If so, has that been your experience? I would love to hear about your experiences with regular niacin. Just how quickly have you had to up your doses to get the reaction?

      Yes, 50 mg might not create a flush for some, but for others it will. That's why I recommend to start with 50 and build up from there. I think I will edit the post to say to build up to 500mg gradually instead of 200mg. As for the Doctors who prescribe very large doses, that kind of niacin flushing is best left for a doctor to prescribe. I don't feel comfortable recommending that high of a dose, especially if one were to buy the non-flushing kind, as it can be toxic to the liver.

      FYI, one client of mine accidentally bought 500 mg niacin pills. He is a pretty healthy guy and actually a health practitioner himself. He had a VERY intense, almost unbearable hot, itchy, & burning reaction from the 500mg since he hadn't built up to it.

      Bless you!

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  3. a situation happened with me today.. i took 500mg of niacin for the first time in my life… i read that it can slow the progression of polycystic kidney disease that i have… i have cystic liver as well 🙁 …. and because this disease (PKD) has no cure untill now,, i was so desperate to try anything that holds some promise for my condition.. so i took the pill and after like only 2 minute i started to turn into a tomato.. my face, my eyes, my chest, my arms, my hands, my back, my ears,,, face and eyes looked like they were gonna explode,, i was horrified so my family rushed me into a hospital and in the emergency they gave me a cortison injection but that was even worse 🙁 the minute they took the injection out of my arm i felt like a million needles stinging my body,, i screamed and it was a real scene…the cortison injection made me feel very bad for like two minutes like i was injected with poison,, but then i was ok and started to cry from what happened to me 🙁 and now after reading your article i feel really sad that i couldn't wait untill the flush went away naturally since it's natural and healthy and healing as you said,,, i forced my body instead to deal with cortison and make that bad reaction,, im sad and im scared for kidneys and liver that i put them under this heavy loads of drugs when they are already sick and diseased,, God is my saviour.. i think from now on i will depend on only spiritual faith in God for saving my kidneys and liver.

  4. Lujayn, So sorry to hear about this experience. You are your best doctor, along with God, of course. Keep up the research! You will end up knowing way more than most doctors! Yes that was a pretty high dose for a first time. Bless you!

  5. Hello. I bought niacin to add to my immune system boosting collection of supplements. I take all these types of supplements whenever I feel like I’m getting sick, or when I feel somewhat depressed or low energy. I bought the 500mg tablets because the price for this dosage and pill count was half the price per mg than the next lowest dosage.
    Yesterday my throat started feeling sore, so today I took my regular immune support supplements, and a 500mg capsule of niacin. About 30 minutes later I got a very intense itching and heating sensation on my face, back of neck, and mainly my butt cheeks. These areas turned bright red, especially my butt.
    Since I took this with a bunch of other herbal supplements all at the same time, I thought I may have had a serious allergic reaction, so I starting looking on the internet for answers. Now that I know it’s a normal thing to happen I am no longer worried. I’m still feeling the effects of the niacin now, and it’s been 45 minutes since the symptoms started. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I wasn’t so damn itchy! As a recovering heroin addict, I can say that the effects of a niacin flush feel slightly similar to the high from opiates. Definitely not the same high, but there are similarities for sure. I can see this being a great tool for helping me get to sleep.

    1. Jaya Love Phillips

      Wow, Dave. Thanks for the input! Yes, 500 is a big dose for sure. I had a client once buy 500 on accident, when I asked him to by 50mg. He was pretty surprised at the flush reaction!! Thanks for confirming that it’s indeed a high. A fun natural one, yes?

  6. Can you please provide reference to studies that can back up the claims you make? Namely studies that provide evidence regarding the efficacy of niacin and detoxification?

  7. Hi, I was wondering about the timing of the activated charcoal. How l8ng after taking the niacin would be a good time to take it?

  8. Hi! So glad you posted about Niacin. I take niacin nearly every day, and I certainly notice a difference (improved mood and sense of calm positivity).

    I did want to share a little story about the first time I took niacin. I ordered it in a powdered form, and when it arrived, I had just eaten a grapefruit. I was excited to try it and took maybe 75-100mgs. I began to flush, but then it became MUCH more intense, a cold sweat broke out on my body, and about a minute or two later I had vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. While this was happening, my vision/hearing was blurring like I would pass out. I thought I needed to call an ambulance. For anyone reading, NEVER take niacin if you have eaten grapefruit or drank grapefruit juice and it’s still in your system!! There is a very bad interaction between the two!

    Otherwise, niacin is amazing and I have never had that level of a reaction since, as I’m a lot more aware of when I take niacin/eat grapefruit!

    1. Jaya Love Phillips

      Lousia, thanks so much for this story. I’ve never met anyone who has taken grapefruit and niacin together. This is fascinating. I’m sorry you had to go through that! I’m just curious, what did you use to measure the powder? I’ve never tried it in powder form. Also, the next time you tried it, did you take the same amount and was it all fine?


  9. Hello, this is an odd one & is really frustrating me, please help!
    I took dietary supplements (solgar brand, which has the same listed ingredients as the ones I have always taken before, just the brand is new to me) the other week which caused my skin to flush bright red on my head,neck,arms,hands,bum,knees & feet.
    This also caused swelling on my ears & itching all over.
    I took advice of medical professionals to take antihistamines, which I did & these symptoms subsided after about 40 mins.
    This past week I have felt awful, tired, fuzzy, constipated, bloated.
    Yesterday I took a tint corner off of another supplement (not previously taken, same solgar brand) this caused my face to flush immediately – calcium magnesium supplement not niacin.
    Today I have fuzzy head, headache & my knees/joints really sore.
    I have never had an allergic reaction to any supplement before & the ingredients listed are the same as what I’ve taken in the past.
    Is this truly an allergic reaction or is my body just deficient or flushing out toxins?
    There is so much conflicting information on the web, so i am so confused.
    I follow a strict Vegan diet & have always felt healthy & full of energy until now.
    Please shed some light on this as I don’t want to become ill.
    Also I have taken niacin daily for year, never had a flush with that!

    1. Jaya Love Phillips

      Hi Ren, sorry you’re going through this! I am not familiar with people flushing from cal/mag supplements. Maybe that was an allergic reaction. I’m not sure. The niacin flush is totally normal though, if that’s what was in the first supplement you took. It’s a natural reaction, redness, itchy skin, going away in about 30 min- 1 hour. Next time you take niacin, don’t take the antihistamine, it will go away on it’s own. Just make sure to start slow with niacin flushing, maybe 50-100 mg tops at first. Good luck!

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