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10 Easy Oxygen Therapies to Try at Home

Did you know you can do different types of therapy with oxygen at home that can heal all manner of dis-ease? Oxygen is our breath of life. All of your cells require oxygen and must exchange gasses in cellular respiration to function. If oxygen is cut off, we die in minutes!

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Most pathogens are dysbiotic, meaning they thrive in the absence of oxygen. Bringing in oxygen will kill them. Oxygen is nature’s powerful detoxifier. How do you get extra oxygen into your system?

Here are 9 easy ways to bring in extra oxygen (more intensive therapies are  lower on the list):

  1. Deep Breathing – Lie down comfortably. Place one hand on your lower abdomen just above your pubic bone and one hand over your breastbone in the middle of your ribs. Take in a long, slow inhale, starting by filling up your lower abdomen, which will make your hand rise along with it. Slowly let the air come up all the way through your chest so that it raises your other hand. Then allow/imagine it filling all the way through your neck, up into your brain, and through all the cells in your body. For the exhale, slowly repeat this process in reverse, allowing your hands to go down along with the breath. As you are finishing, gently press your lower hand down to make sure all the breath is exhaled. You will fill a wonderful energizing and lightness in your being as all your cells receive this vital nourishment. Then you will feel a vast emptiness as you empty out all the oxygen. Enjoy this natural oscillation of life-giving oxygen.
  2. Exercise – It is well known that exercise increases your oxygen. Aerobic, meaning increasing oxygen, is the best kind of exercise for oxygen, obviously! Running, jumping rope, jumping on a mini trampoline, or rebounder, and dancing are all great ways to increase oxygen in your system. Make sure to stay hydrated!
  3. Skin Healing – Your regular 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide can be put on cuts, infections, skin ulcers, rashes, etc. Keep out of your eyes. You can also make a purer version of 3% hydrogen peroxide from 35% food grade peroxide, see recipe below.
  4. Ozonated Olive Oil – You can ozonate olive oil and apply it to your skin for wonderful healing results. (Refer to instructions with your ozone machine.)
  5. Foot Bath – If you have athlete’s foot, soak your feet in a small tub of water with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Bath – You can add hydrogen peroxide to your bath water. put 12 ounces or 1 ½ cups of 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide (more info on Food Grade Peroxide later) in your bath water. Soak for 30 minutes. Keep the water hot by adding more hot water as needed. Hot water dilates your pores. Some people say this will keep them up at night, so best not to do it 2 hours or so before bedtime.
  7. Mouthwash – Make a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution from 35%, (see formula below.) Take in about ½ a mouthful and swish around for a few minutes. It kills germs and greatly improves oral health. (It will foam up, so be sure to leave room for that.)
  8. Drink Ozonated Water – You can ozonate your water and drink it within 20 minutes. (Refer to instructions with your ozone machine.)
  9. Enema – You can kill all sorts of critters in your colon by adding oxygen to your enema solution. You can either use 1 drop of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide per 6 ounces of water, or you can ozonate your enema or colema water if you have an ozone generator. Medical-grade ozone generators are WAY better than cheaper kinds. Ask me more. I have one and love using it! If you are local to Nevada City, CA area, I can help you with medical-grade ozone therapy in person.
  10. Oxygenated Magnesium – Take an oxygenated magnesium supplement such as OxyMag powder. Follow the instructions on the bottle. This is a very powerful way to oxygenate and kill dysbiotic life forms in your intestines. Please see the precaution below.
Medical-grade oxygen tank

How to make 3% Solution from 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

Caution: 35% Hydrogen Peroxide can burn your skin. Please be extra careful in pouring it. You may want to wear rubber gloves and/or use a dropper in the bottle. I’ve never spilled any on myself, and I don’t use gloves, but am very careful.

You will need to dilute the 35% peroxide with 11 parts distilled or locally collected spring water to 1 part 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. For example 2 ¾ cups (22 oz) water with ¼ (2oz) 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This will fit in a quart jar. You could also do a dropper bottle with 11 droppers of water and 1 dropper of peroxide.


Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide are totally natural. Our Neutrophil white blood cells even squirt hydrogen peroxide and superoxide at toxins, bacteria, and cancer cells to kill them. We have enzymes that then finish destroying the pathogens and take any remaining free radicals out of the body. That being said, some people that are depleted may need to work on their diet before doing intensive oxygen therapy such as in an enema. Please make sure you are eating a healthy diet with lots of vitamin and enzyme-rich foods as well as antioxidant foods. Supplementation of these may also be good. There are even more intensive oxygen therapies such as oral hydrogen peroxide therapy and rectal insufflation that I don’t discuss above because they are pretty hard-core healing modalities that you should only do while working with a qualified health practitioner.

I hope you found this list to be helpful. I wavered about what all to include since oxygen therapy is so powerful. If you have any questions, please ask below and I’ll do my best to answer. Remember, it’s best to always start powerful healing therapies slowly and with low doses of healing agents, and take your time to build up to more powerful cleansing. It took years to create imbalances in the body, so take your time! Also, as always, make sure you are pooping adequately, at least a couple if not 3 or 4 times a day if you are going to try some of the more powerful therapies listed above such as numbers 6-10 on the list. You can add an herbal laxative, take two teaspons of epsom salt in water, do enemas, or OxyMag works great. Lastly, of course, stay hydrated!

Take action now! Please report below your stories on how oxygen therapy goes for you and any big ahas or questions you had while reading this.

If you found benefit from this information, please like and share on social media with friends.

To your Blessed Wellness,



7 thoughts on “10 Easy Oxygen Therapies to Try at Home”

  1. Thank you for this info! It's a great reminder that it is so easy and simple to take care of ourself. Most of these things are so easy anybody can do them and increase their health tremendously!

  2. Thank you for this info! It's a great reminder that it is so easy and simple to take care of ourself. Most of these things are so easy anybody can do them and increase their health tremendously!

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    1. Jaya Love Phillips is where I got mine. Mine is the cheapest medical grade one. It’s important to get a medical grade. They are way more powerful. The whole set up I think was around $800. Get in touch with them. They can walk you through the process and help you select the best model.

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