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Deep Healing and Remembrance at the Epic Eden Hotsprings Retreat!

I just returned to California from the most Epic Eden Retreat ever! Each time I go, the land and community initiate me into higher levels of my dharmic path. This time, the most obvious lesson to behold was the power and spirit of the land itself. The springs have a long history. This is Apache Sacred land, where Geronimo and other Apaches used to commune with the Ancestors. Then they had a ride with the wild west when the hotel and cabins were built. Many famous people have visited, including the Rolling Stones, who had a pool at the top of the land fashioned for them to look like a guitar!

We also like to see that this pool looks like a curvy goddess, so it has two names, the Goddess Pool and the Guitar Pool, and is the most meditative serene pool on the property. There are numerous other pools, including Geronimo and the Big Pool, a pool that is larger than an olympic swimming pool and has hot water at one end that cools on it’s way to the other end. There’s so much to say about this land. You have to experience it!

What I realized on this trip is that this powerful land not only has an essence, or spirit, but that it has an agenda as well! It became clear to me that she has invited us to come heal ourselves in her abundant waters and magic lands, and we must heal her in return. The colorful past has left trash, ghosts, and dilapidated buildings on our sacred healing land. Eden has been gathering us, her new stewards to take care of these old injustices to her body. We have been loving up the land, removing trash, creating new pathways, and cleaning up old buildings.

One of the most spectacular clearings was a couple of years ago after the Sacred Heart Retreat, led by Steve Adler. At this retreat we created a very powerful ritual, praying to the spirits of the land and demonstrating our willingness to work with them to heal and clear the land. Three days after the retreat was over, the old Hotel burned to the ground. It was so old and in disrepair. There had been numerous ghost sightings in the hotel, as well as a colony of bats. There had even been a horror film made there at one time. Once I was preparing rooms for a retreat and cleaning up fake blood from the walls. EEK! The release and burning of this large old energy that had been heavy on the land was like a phoenix flying to freedom.

I’m so grateful to this beautiful and wise earthly teacher in my life. Thanks Eden!

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