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JayaLove Moves to Sedona!

Guess What? Jaya is moving her self and practice to Sedona! I’ve been considering this move for years and finally saw the window of opportunity open wide after the last Eden Hot Springs retreat and a Sedona visit. Now it’s time to close up shop and tie up any loose ends and cords in Cali in order to create a fresh start in Arizona. I am forever grateful for the amazing community of creative healing friends and collaborators who have helped nurture me into the empowered woman you see now.

Tito Concert
Tito la Rosa and Jaya Sat Kriya

After the amazing Eden Hotsprings retreat, including strong messages from the land and a deepening connection to our Eden Tribe, I went to Sedona for a mystical and musical week that led me to know, without a doubt, that I’m meant to be living there and offering my services. The highlight of my time there was a concert withTito la Rosa, where I was invited to sing the last song with him. What an honor. It was a shamanic initiation for me for sure! Tito is a sound shaman from Peru, and the lineage holder of ancient instruments. The Peruvian government placed the fate of sacred instruments of the indigenous of Peru in his hands, and he travels the world performing and educating people on these healing sounds. Here’s a pic of us at the concert. Check out the stunning necklace that my amazing artist friend Ray let me borrow for the event.

Look for me to start teaching classes and have my healing practice set up in Sedona by September. I am thrilled that my dear friends and co-creators, Jasah and KaRa of Conscious Leap, will be moving to Sedona at the same time. We are destined to create unlimited magic together!

Look for future collaborations with Grace Grove Retreat Center and The Chocolatree Cafe & Community Center.

Check out the video below for a taste of the awesome Kundalini Sound Activation from her recent Berkeley event with Daniel Vitalis!

Thanks so much for visiting!

LOVE, Jaya
Tito photo by sound shaman Richard Grossman.




  1. I am so thrilled to be living in the same community as you in Sedona and co-creating healing, musical, transformational living experiences. I resonate strongly with what you are sharing about my recent journey to Eden and Sedona as well, and thus our choice to move to Sedona. The land of Eden is calling for stewards to deepen the healing of the land and we also share visions of continued healing and transformation of the land. Your new website looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see you again soon and see what blooms forth in Sedona!

    • Ahh, Goddess! I feel the same way! The possibilities are unlimited. I just know from the depth of my being that we are going to create big magic together. And, I’m super happy to live next to you, or at least close! I know we’ll be great friends, I feel such a wonderful potential for deep communion and support. Yay!

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