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Top 8 Ingredients to Turn Your Bath Into a Healing Spa!

There is an ancient science of healing called Balneotherapy. This is healing through therapeutic baths with various healing agents added. Balneopathy can also be soaking in therapeutic waters in nature, such as hot springs and mud baths.

Muddy me at a sacred hot spring in Arizona.

Balneotherapy is a wonderful way to do healing for yourself that is very relaxing to mind and body and is very effective. It’s a wonderful way to help the skin detoxify your body. The skin is our largest organ and is one of the major ways we detoxify. All skin conditions such as acne, all kinds of rashes, and ulcers are just a sign that the skin is working hard to push out toxins.

Bathing in a therapeutic way can really assist the skin in bringing out toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and toxic excrement of mold, bacteria, and yeast living in our bodies. The heat of the water helps open the pores of your skin in order to release toxins. Then the addition of healing agents is easily brought into your skin and bloodstream. Balneopathy is a powerful addition to any cleansing regimen because it will help move the toxins out that have been dislodged and are swimming in the bloodstream. Also, it can be considered to be a more gentle and safe way to detox for individuals who are dealing with a very high toxic load.

While being out in nature is an ideal way to enjoy therapeutic waters, Balneopathy is easy to do in your own home. Plus, you can decide which elements are best for your own body and put them into your bath.

Please aim for the cleanest bathwater possible. Once your pores are opened wide, you don’t want to be bringing in chlorine, fluoride, and pharmaceutical drugs typically found in tap water. The best option would be to boil your own spring water, freshly collected from a local spring. If you have a well, that’s a great option. A whole house filter is wonderful. A nice shower filter like an Aquasauna will work well, just run the shower to fill up the bath. If none of these are available and you are using straight tap water, be sure to add baking soda to neutralize some of the chemicals.

A sacred hot spring site in Arizona.

Here’s a list of the top 8 ingredients to add to your bath, in my opinion:

  1. Salt – Epsom salt, or magnesium chloride is wonderful to add to a bath. Just put two cups into your bath water. It will help mineralize you and relax your muscles. Other salts to try would be sea salt, or even ancient dead sea salts.
  2. Baking Soda – Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a wonderful neutralizer. It helps soothe inflammation and neutralize acids. It is great for itching rashes, bug bites, fungus, and sunburn. Use about a half cup.
  3. Clay – Clay is an amazing healing agent for detoxifying. It has been used traditionally all over the world for thousands of years. Clays have an incredible amount of minerals, giving them an electrical quality that is unique. They have a negative charge, attracting the positive charge of toxins. Clay has incredible drawing properties. It can draw out heavy metals through your skin, and therefore should be respected. It is anti-inflammatory as well and works wonders for skin conditions. The best clays for baths are French green and Bentonite clays. Start with one or two cups and about 15-20 minutes. Then build up from there for a longer time and use more clay, about a cup at a time.
  4. Oats – Oats are a great old-fashioned remedy for soothing nerves and softening and soothing skin. Oats just feel so nurturing! They help soothe inflammation and moisturize skin. This makes them great for dry itchy conditions such as eczema. Add two cups of uncooked colloidal oatmeal (ground oats) into a bath, or a cup of regular uncooked oats into a sock tied up and placed into your bath.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is great for neutralizing acids, inflammation, and sunburn. It also detoxes heavy metals. Start slowly with about 1/2 cup into your bath. Then increase as you tolerate it. For yeast infection, put a cup or two into a small amount of water, for a sitz bath.
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide – Put 1 1/2 cups of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide into the bath and soak for 30 minutes. Learn more about Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide Healing in this Blessed Wellness blog post.
  7. Urine – That’s right, I said urine. Did you know that your urine contains hydrogen peroxide and healing uric salts/acids? Did you know that the cosmetics industry uses urine from other animals all the time for its wonderful skin rejuvenating and beautifying properties? Well, now you know. Might as well use your OWN urine rather than from another animal. Our own urine is formulated for us, perfectly. It will also help greatly with allergies and regulating your body ph. In July, I will do a whole blog article about the ancient science of Urine Therapy. Till then, feel free to pee in your bath!
  8. Essential Oils – Essential oils are made of the volatile compounds of a plant. They are the blood so to speak, the most concentrated medicine of a plant. There are lots of great oils to add to a bath, too many to list them all here. The go-to standard is, of course, lavender, for relaxation and purification. I also love neroli for relaxation, eucalyptus for opening your breathing and air passageways, geranium and/or rose for elevating your spirit, and rosemary for cleansing and energizing. Start with about 10 drops and add enough to smell and feel nice. Make sure to purchase therapeutic-grade oils. The other kinds are often extracted with harsh chemicals or diluted with weird chemicals and oils. The best brands, in my opinion, are Original Swiss Aromatics/Aroma Care, Floracopeia, and doTerra. These are found in specialty shops and online. The next best brand, found in most health food stores would be Aura Cacia.

Helpful Hints:

Powders should be added to a bath that is already about 1/3 full or to water in a jar and mixed thoroughly before adding the mix to a bath. Try these ingredients one at a time, then you can start to mix some of them. I wouldn’t add essential oils to others except for salt, baking soda, oats, or urine. Salt is great to mix with the others and can help potentiate them. Try as best as you can to remove the sediment from your tub before it goes down the drain, especially for clay, baking soda, and oats.

Caution! As with all detoxing strategies, please go slow and drink lots of water. 

I hope this has been illuminating!

Take action now! Please do at least one of these healing baths and report below your stories on how it goes for you and any big Ahas or questions you had while reading this.

If you found benefit from this information, please like and share on social media with friends.

To your Blessed Wellness,



2 thoughts on “Top 8 Ingredients to Turn Your Bath Into a Healing Spa!”

  1. I started to feel flulike symptoms with fever and chills so I filled the tub up, added lavender Epson salt, baking soda & a few essential oils. 30 minutes later my fever is broken, I’m breathing better & my muscles are relaxed. Definitely drink fluids while J because you will sweat but I’m feeling much better. Thank you for your post!

    1. Jaya Love Phillips

      Wow, Desirae, this is so great to hear. I’m thrilled you found help with these remedies! Yay for natural health!

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