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Song of the Sea Musings

Please enjoy this little diddy I recorded today.  I am totally in love with the movie Song of the Sea. This is a little improv I did based on the theme song, titled Song of the Sea. It’s an Irish/Gaelic song and is super beautiful and haunting. Here I’m just singing/emoting with the chord progressions, not singing any words. Playing the harmonium for accompaniment.

Please excuse any quality issues as it was done on my phone with a little reverb thrown in afterwards in Garage Band.

Here’s the original in English:

And in Gaelic:

And the little girl from the movie singing it in Gaelic and English:




6 thoughts on “Song of the Sea Musings”

  1. I love this movie! The art is stunning and unique and the story was just lovely, so much more than what the brief movie blurbs and synopses were laying it out to be. I also enjoyed The Secret of Kells but found the pacing much better in this movie. I was rooting for this movie and The Tale of Princess Kaguya at the Oscars last year (alas for both).

    1. Yes! I loved it so much. I had seen Secret of Kells and was waiting in anticipation for Song of the Sea. The style of animation in both is so unique and refreshing in a sea of sameness with most computer animated movies these days. Such a heart-warming beautiful movie. My favorite part is at the end when she starts singing and all the dark mysterious colors that have been present the whole movie start melting as the warm golden light fills up the whole scene. Amazing beauty!

  2. Wow… In my prayers. Proverbs 18:10The Lord is like a strong tower; those who do right can run to him for satafy.Pselms 46:1God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

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