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To the Modern Masculine… You Can Trust This

To the modern masculine:

nordic_sami_woman_playin_lur_horn_late_1800sI am a powerful woman. I have so much to offer. My heart is strong, my mind is smart. My womb is creative, and my spirit is singing.

There is so much more to me for you to enjoy than just my sexuality. You feel my creative power, and want to make love to it, feel the excitement of it. You feel my nurturing love and spirit and want to lay in my arms to feel the world can be right again.

I want to do this with you too! I feel your power, your sexy strength and your love! But let me tell you, I am more than my body. More than a MILF, but a MILFLW (Mother I’d Like to Fall in Love With) The door is through my heart. Build a friendship foundation of trust and a container of exclusivity with me and watch my layers open in front of your eyes. 

“Relationship” is not a bad word. There’s nothing to fear. I will not engulf you with my passion and prose, nor hook you or manipulate you. I want to blossom and open for you like a rose. Show me you’re ready and worthy. Show me your masculine courage and stake your claim. I will do my part and lead with my heart, letting go of my own fears of rejection and objectification.

I’m not asking for forever, just asking for now. Let’s be free in this moment by moment by moment… all I ask is for your willingness to stay open to possibilities and play it day-by-day. We can earn each other’s trust, little by little, as time goes on.

_woman_in_girlhood_wifehood_motherhood_her_responsibilities_and_her_duties_at_all_periods_of_life_a_guide_in_the_maintenance_of_her_health_and_that_of_her_children_1906_14587124339I am a safe haven for your wounds and want you to be for mine too. You can lay down your armor here, warrior of the spirit. I will support your dreams and ask that you support mine too. I’m so much more than a shiny muse, a trophy wife by your side to smile and support as my primary dharma in life. I will honor your spirit and sing your praises though, and your humanness above all. Let’s be real.

I have dreams too. I want to share them with you. Let’s find our common ground, put our minds and hearts together and spring up to make magic all over the land. We can inspire each other and all we encounter by our depth of connection and our honesty. Growing and showing our love to all, ever willing to do the work because it’s worth it.

The men and the women have to come together if we’re gonna heal this planet. Let’s start with ourselves and lead by example.

The love I’m offering is no joke. It’s not trivial or to be trifled with. I’m more than a side dish, I’m the whole 7 course meal, to be savored over a lifetime…

shigenobu_-_man_and_woman_making_love_-_2I am willing to worship you, see the best, the divine. Rise and shine with love and laughter. I’ll have your back when you’re fighting the world’s ills and ask no less of you. Let’s fuck each other open to God and hold on for dear life!

This is not a trap. This won’t hinder your grand plan, nor mine. It actually frees it up to expand to a higher level of success and satisfaction. More than either of us could have envisioned alone.

Yes, I am doing my own work. Holding my own ground. I’m standing strong in my center and constantly finding my way back when I stray. I will honor you in your needs in doing the same. Whole and complete on our own and even yummier and better together.

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