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Gamelan Birthday Live Loops from Ecstatic Dance

Please enjoy this set from July 19th 2016, the day after my birthday. It was a sound healing set after Ecstatic Dance in Nevada City. I was very honored to follow Alia, a really inspiring producer/dj lady.

This was my first ever performance of live looping with my new TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 2. I had bought a super cheap old keyboard with tons of fun ethnic and cheezy synth sounds off a guy in Sacramento.

Here you hear me layering various loops. First is the gamelan melody I came up with. Then comes the silly synths chords. Then a little harp arpeggio… I had to rush to push the buttons and change the sounds on the old school keyboard. Click, click, click, click, lol. No slick data wheels or lcd screens here.

Then comes my first vocal loop on top of the other 3 loops. I added a second vocal loop but made a mistake in the timing of it, so I erased it. Next, I just played around with my voice in the moment with all the loops running.

At the end I pulled out each loop one at a time, ending with my live voice. Whew that was exhilarating! No covering up mistakes, just all live on the fly! (Though I did rehearse and came up with this little song and loop sequences prior to the event. The acutal execution was all live though. The Voicelive Touch 2 erases all loops once it’s unplugged.)

It’s a bit of a slow build. My voice comes in a little after 3 minutes. <3


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